When we hear Craigslist, the first thing that would come to mind would be ads, job search, and other classifieds. Apart from such, this can also be the site where you can find good laughs as there are some ads written with humor. Below are some of the examples:

1. Elliptical Machine for sale.

This machine was posted on the site by the seller so he could get a white desk instead. He is also selling it so he can get some funds to have pizza party with his friends. He even mentioned that the machine did nothing but act as a display in the house since he was not able to use it.


2. Uncomfortable chair.

Just by reading the ad, any potential buyer will no longer continue reading the ad description since the word ‘uncomfortable’ was used. The seller stated that it was nicely painted yet he emphasized that the chair may not be made for humans as it is quite irritable to sit on.

Most uncomfortable chair ever made

3. Job Vacancy: Nemesis.

The person is looking for a nemesis to put spice in his typical daily routine that he finds quite monotonous. For someone who is in need of a part time job, this can be ideal as the job pays $350 upfront on a six month period. If you are good enough with the job, it may even run longer.

Nemesis required. 6-month project with possibility to extend

4. Wanted: Meowgician.

The person behind the ad truly loves his furry friend Ambrosia. On the 10th birthday of the cat, he is willing to pay $30 with meals is you can purr-form a meow-gical tactics to make the cat entertained.

Seeking a Meowgician

5. Take away: Free Rice Maker Robot.

The seller is giving away his or her science project that can make rice when you send it a tweet using Twitter. If interested, just contact the seller. Anyway, it will not cost you anything to try it.

FREE — ROBOT that makes Rice

6. Missing ham FOUND!

Losing a ham that you just placed in a plate can truly be terrible. A concerned citizen was able to recall a lost ham and posted so the rightful owner can find it.

Did you lose a ham?

7. Roommate Wanted (Only for the CRAZY ones).

When you are desperate to find a roommate you can share your expenses with and no one seems to be good enough, you can try this ad sample. It is likely that if you will be very specific with your requirements, you will luckily find the right person who as good as a level ‘three’ sex offender.

Wanted – Crazy Roommate!

8. Buy Cheaper Snuggies (Pre-owned).

If you feel that buying a new snuggie is beyond your budget, you may want to consider settling for used snuggie. All you need is to dive it in the washing machine and it would feel like new.

15 snuggies

9. Fresh Orange Juice, PLEASE.

The ad of this person would compensate $2 for anyone who would bring him orange juice right at his doorstep as he is too lazy to get one himself. For anyone who wants $2 plus the cost of the juice may want to get in touch with him.

I want some orange juice

10. Best Couch Ever On Sale.

The person behind the ad is a great seller as he was able to provide great descriptions about the couch he is selling. With the amazing color of the couch, the person resting in it plus the dog truly makes it more attracting to buy. The best thing is, it will only cost you a dollar to take it home.