Yes, you can buy toy drones for a lot less, but they won’t have near the features or the camera quality as the Recomfit RCF007 Camera Drone.  It’s perfect for recording paintball, on field sports like soccer, or anywhere you have permission to fly above the action to capture a point-of-view impossible from the sidelines. 

It’s fast, has an onboard 720P HD Camera and a failsafe headless mode to give a novice drone pilot easy control, even if they don’t have much experience flying.

Check out the video below to sample the action.




The Recomfit RCF007 also has precise hovering capabilities with the latest 6-Axis adjustable gyroscope technology so that you can keep the drone stationary, recording all the action below! It’s a perfect quadcopter when you want realism and great video. Follow one of the soldiers as he or she fights the opposition, record front line action and then fly up for a bird’s eye view!

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