Trees are perfect to accentuate a home or an office.


Bonsais are among the better trees that can be used for such purpose due to their small size. The bonsais are not just awesome because the Japanese (or Karate Kid) made them cool. They are awesome because they ascended beyond the reach of mortal plants, and are now able to float.


The Hoshinchu Team who designed them call the floating plants ‘air bonsai’. The plants have an ‘energy base’ that has as its bottom part the ‘little star’ that serves as the floating ball. Both of the halves is equipped with magnets in order for the ‘little star’ to float and hold the bonsai on top.


The base is made from the traditional porcelain of Japan. Now, it’s true you can put other plants in the bonsais place but… that would anger the immortal ascended bonsai masters so… do so at your own risk. This is a Kickstarter project, so if you get in now you’ll be among the first on the planet with your own levitating tree.