Maximum PC wrote a comprehensive guide to building your own arcade cabinet from super old PC parts. As in, you could go to a thrift shop, grab an old PC and it will still be more powerful than the processors that used to run classic arcade games like Dig Dug, Space Invader’s, Gauntlet or even Dragon’s Lair.

Maximum PC explains our feelings exactly:

If you were born in the 70s or 80s, chances are good that a big part of your childhood was spent wasting quarters at the local arcade, or in front of the Pac-Man machine at your local pizza place. Sure, games have become a lot more complex since then, but the old titles had a lot of charm, and in some cases a level of skill and patience-rewarding challenge that hasn’t been matched since.

Whether you want to build the classic standup:

Or the sit down:


This guide can get you there.

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