Here are some words found in the English dictionary (once upon a time long ago) and are nearing “extinction.” Use them again before they are gone for good!

duffifie (v.): an old scottish word which means to lay a bottle on its side for some time so that it may fully drain the remaining few drops. Example: Nikki started to be irritated when her brother uprighted the bottle of honey she was duffifying for several days.

embrangle: a verb which means to embroil, confuse, or entangle. Example: I was walking in my garden when I got embrangled by the sagging plants which resulted to sprained ankles.

uhtceare is a noun which means lying awake before dawn and worrying (pronounced as “oot-key-are-a”). Example: Disturbed from the day’s gruesome event, my friend lay awake tormented and uhtceare.

Snollygoster means: A shrewd, selfish person, especially a politician. Example: Who among our American leaders are snollygosters?

Fubsy means chubby. While it sounds like something a kid made up, it’s real. Example: Holiday celebrations make me fubsy these days.

Recrement means scum; waste. Possibly the shorter root of excrement. Example: Garbage collectors dump the recrement in landfills selected by the government.

Skirr is a humming sound like the wings of a bird in flight. Example: I love the skirr of the pigeons as they left the ground and flew away.

Frutescent means look like or assuming the shape of a shrub. Example: Your long uncombed hair looks frutescent.

Muliebrity is the condition of being a woman or with womanly qualities. Example: Her graceful manners and positive attitude make her the embodiment of a mature muliebrity.

Agrestic is a noun which means rustic; country. Example: My parents came from an agrestic background.

Exuviate is a word that was first used in 1839 which means to cast off; to shed. Example: It is not proper to exuviate your dress in public.

Skedaddle means to leave the place abruptly. Example: Our family is planning to skedaddle to Nebraska.

Do you have some old English words that aren’t being used these days?